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Why Start a Dropshipping Business in Mexico?

E-commerce has been seeing steady growth in Mexico and is expected to climb to $14.88 million in annual sales by 2021. Interested in jumping into a growing industry? New entrepreneurs can start their own e-commerce business easily by dropshipping in Mexico. Dropshipping is a low-risk e-commerce model where the manufacturer carries the inventory and ships packages out to your customer for you. It’s the most affordable way to start your first online store. You only buy products when customers buy them from your store. You don’t need to pay expensive shipping costs to ship to customers all over the world. With Oberlo, you can even add products to your store and process orders in only one click. Mexico dropshipping is a great way for Mexicans to become entrepreneurs and experience a life of freedom.

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Why Dropshipping is Better Than Wholesale in Mexico?

Dropshipping is better than wholesale in Mexico because it keeps costs low and gives you more free time. Dropshipping is affordable because you only pay for products as customers make purchases. You also don’t need to hire a big team to help grow your company as most of the work is automated with Oberlo so you can do most of the work yourself with time to spare. Shipping is much more affordable when dropshipping as AliExpress has made deals with governments to offer ePacket shipping which is a fast, affordable shipping service that only costs a few dollars and can sometimes even be free.  When you wholesale Mexico goods, you’re responsible for packaging and shipping which is a lot of work and can cost a lot of money. In the next section, you’ll learn about payment gateways in Mexico so that you can accept payments on your store.

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Payment gateways in Mexico

  • 2Checkout
  • BitPay
  • Coinbase
  • ComproPago (Efectivo)
  • Conekta
  • CyberSource
  • GoCoin
  • LAY-BUY Powered by PayPal
  • Mercado Pago
  • NETbilling
  • PayPal Express Checkout
  • PayU Latam

How does Oberlo work?

Oberlo is a marketplace that makes it easy to find awesome products to sell online.

1. Import Products

Browse Oberlo for products and add them to your store with just a few clicks.

2. Make a Sale

Congratulations – you’ve just sold your first product!

3. Place an Order

Place an order with the supplier for the product you just sold.

4. Supplier Ships the Product

Your supplier will ship the product directly from their warehouse to your customer’s doorstep.

Since the company’s founding in September, 2015, Oberlo merchants have sold over 85 million products around the world.

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