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Creating content can be exhausting. With the constant flow of new content created every day, you’ll need to match the volume of your competitors if you want to be seen online. Not only do you need to have a high number of content produced, you also need to ensure that your content will be attention grabbing and shareable to build your audience. In this article, you’ll learn how to create content to stay competitive without burning yourself out.

Types of Content You Can Create

There are many types of content you can create for your audience. You can create videos, blogs, social media posts, podcasts, quizzes, and more.

You can create video content for platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, or your own website. From a product video which helps show visitors how your product works to a funny viral video to build an audience, video content can be an effective method for ecommerce businesses. Businesses that include a product video that’s watched by customers are 144% more likely to get customers to take an action (such as add to cart, purchase) than customers who didn’t watch the video.

create content

Starting a blog is also a great way to build an audience on your website. Blogs can include everything from guides, reviews, lists, case studies, gift guides, and more. Those who blog regularly are 13x more likely to have a positive ROI for their content creation.

Creating content for social media keeps your pages active, which can help assure customers who plan to order from your online store. You can create memes, infographics, gifs, polls, graphics and other social media content. You can increase social media engagement by adding videos and images to your posts.

create content

You can create niche podcasts to position you and your brand as an expert within your industry. You can interview people within your industry to build relationships, talk about niche trends or share tips and advice in every episode. You can also create quizzes on your websites or polls on social media to create quick content that engages your audience.

Why You Should Create Your Own Content

create content

Creating your own content allows you to build an audience. Whether you gain organic traffic from writing blog posts daily or social shares from funny videos, you’ll be able to grow your followers, drive more traffic to your store and eventually make more money.

You’ll also be better able to relate to customers. If you’re an expert in your niche, you know what type of content your customers will love and value. You can inject your brand personality into content that you know will be valuable to your customer base. You understand your audience better than anyone else. So it’s easier to tailor your content directly to them when you create more of your own content.

When you create content yourself you can build out your backlinks and referrals. Blog posts shared by others will drive more traffic back to your brand. Product videos with links will increase the likelihood of more people seeing your products. Social media posts with your watermark will always have your branding on them when shared giving you credit.

Tools You Can Use to Create Content Quickly

create content

Canva allows you to create social media posts using the exact dimensions of each platform. You’ll find templates that’ll allow you to easily create more content for your social media pages. The tool is user-friendly and allows you to drag and drop your own images, logo, and text or change colors with one click. Whether you’re creating more content for social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest or YouTube, you’ll be able to create graphics easily. If the platform of your choice isn’t available, you’ll be able to create a graphic with your own dimensions.

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DealJumbo allows you to download 800 infographic templates for a low price. If you work in niches where statistics, facts, and figures ease customer into purchase it might be worth checking out. Brands that sell health related products like sun care or fitness might find value in this.

create content

Poll Daddy allows you to create polls, quizzes, and surveys with their tool. You’ll be able to collect customer responses on your website or via email. The tool is easy to use, allows you to customize the look, and analyze the data from your polls.

Ideas for Creating More Content

Create quote graphics on social media. Quote graphics are one of the easiest pieces of content you can create. You can find great quotes for your niche from websites like Brainy Quote. You can download stock photos from Burst, Pixabay or Pexels. You can then use templates on Canva to create your graphics. You can spend a couple of hours creating countless posts which are great for days when you don’t have a lot of time to create content.

Do weekly 60 second videos. Video content can be time consuming to make and edit. If you make all your videos 60 seconds, they’ll be easier to pump out. You can create and edit several 60 second videos in a day, allowing you to minimize your video creation time. If a video is 60 seconds or shorter about 75%-80% of the video gets watched. This number decreases as videos get longer.

Create listicles for blogs. Listicle articles are probably the easiest types of written content you can create. They’re scannable which makes it easier for your readers to read. You can add gifs and funny graphics to make it entertaining. Unlike case studies and guides, listicles tend to need little research making them easy to write.

Voice record your content. If you regularly struggle to write quality long form blog content, you can always record yourself saying it. You can then use a tool like Rev which will transcribe the audio into text form. You can then use the audio as part of a podcast and use the text as a blog post which results in two pieces of content with little effort.

Create outlines in advance. Trying to wing an article or video can be difficult. You need to have a plan before creating your content. Having an outline can help you piece together a piece of high quality content which allows you to easily fill in the gaps.

Create quizzes on your store. You can create quizzes for your store that end with an email opt-in request where customers will need to share their email to find out the results of the quiz. This type of content works well to build out an email list while being fairly easy to create.

Have someone else do it. On podcasts, you can have guest speakers share their knowledge with your guests. On blog posts, guest writers can add content for you. You can outsource video content to ensure a high quality video with minimal work. If you struggle to create content, you can always share the workload with someone else. Your audience gets to benefit from the constant flow of quality content. And you gain more time to work on other business tasks.

Tips for Creating More Content

create content

Reuse content. Podcasts can be turned into blog posts. Infographics can be used as images for blog content. Videos can be used on social media, product pages, or blog content. Blog posts can be turned into an ebook. Your content doesn’t need to be limited to one piece. Reuse it. Share it. And you’ll spend less time creating unique content.

Use templates. Templates are a great time saver. Trying to design your own product from scratch, especially when you’re not a professional designer, can take you much longer than using a ready-made template. You can still maintain your brand by making tweaks and adjustments to

Curate content. Share relevant blog posts from popular publications. Post videos and images from other pages. Use tools like Triberr and Quuu to curate content. Content curation saves you the time of creating your own content but allows you to keep your pages active with content. Be sure to always credit the content creator/brand when sharing their content on your social media.

Hire content creators or editors. If you struggle to create quality content or just don’t have the time, you can hire content creators and editors to manage your workload for you. You can have them create or edit blog posts, video content, graphics, and more to ensure your pages are always filled with new content.

Create the same type of content all at once. For example, if you create quote graphics, spend a couple hours creating a ton of them. If you create video content, spend the day create a bunch of short videos at once. If you’re creating a podcast, interview several people for it the same day. It’s easier to do the same type of content at the same time than it is to switch up tasks.

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